Apr 2, 2009

Exit Festival Creteil, France

I just go back from an amazing trip to Paris. I have a ton of pictures from the Noveaux Monstres, Exit Festival, group show I participated in, but I have to sift through them before I post. I met some great talent and super nice folks including Andrew Bell, William from Temporary Distortion, Alexander (Canadian artist whose website I dont know) who helped me order beer at a off track betting bar in a suburb of Paris (probably the best place I visited), and John Miserendino who is living the life in Spain. Not to mention the curator Charles Carcopino and all the folks behind the scenes who did a super great job putting these fine artists together and making the show possible. My work got some air time on a French TV channel.....You can check it out here!!!

Hot Box

I had the wonderful opportunity to create album artwork for a super awesome band called Hot Box. I met them while on tour with my band Burbis, in Chicago. We proceeded to follow each other to play another show in Madison, Wisconsin (where the lake is apparently not safe to swim in). It was a super awesome usa 2008 funtime supreme double. Although I draw a ton, I don't do illustration work that often. I will be doing more in the future. Here are some pieces of the process from start to finish.