Feb 9, 2010

Update: Lenny Bacich's Memorial Feb. 18th

I just received this....

please foward the following information about
lenny's family funeral to all students, staff
& faculty, that will be held on february 18th

thanks . . .

1) we, the industrial design community at pratt with our
  students faculty & staff, are in the process of planning
  a tribute memorial for lenny at pratt. we don't know the
  exact date as of yet, most likely (to allow travel from
  alumni & friends from distances beyond the new york
  metropolitan region) this tribute memorial will be
  after spring break in march or early april . . .

2) we now know that the family funeral will be held
  on thursday february 18th between 7:00-9:00 pm
  at the morisco's funeral home, 30-12 astoria blvd.
  in astoria, queens, new york (please see below,
  location information/map link) & that we are
  invited to attend this memorial with lenny's family . . .

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