Aug 5, 2011

Longoland Update.

I have been busy with this stool commission that just keeps on going. I love its going to be awesome.... I have way surpassed the hours/$ ratio, but it will be amazing. I also got the test samples for the die cut scales. There will be a complete grey monster skin rug by months end. Now that I have finally got the scales made, there will probably be more use of scales in  the near future. As for "normal" life which I usually dont discuss, I have been doing some design work for BHLDN (part of the URban Outfitters family)... Its there wedding line.... Chandeliers, tiered cake plates, and other amazing items. I have also been creating tshirt graphics and prints for Free People. I will post when they are made. I havent forgotten about you ALEkz. My wheels are turning full speed. Your little guy will be there soon.

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